Bark Wedding Band - 6mm Wide

Bark Wedding Band - 6mm Wide

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These organic rings are roughly textured to look like the bark of a tree. It makes me feel like I'm channeling the outdoors just make these beauties!

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14k Nickel White Gold - Bark Wedding Band

You can customize this ring with different widths and even add stones if you wish. Narrower band is 4.5mm wide pictured on the left) and the wider width is 6mm wide 9pictured on right).

  • Bark Texture
  • 14k Nickel White Gold (pictured)
  • Customize ring using different metals and gemstones.

Handmade by me with love in Toronto! Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Have an idea? Want to customize this ring? Get in touch!

rounded-surface-tree-bark-texture-handmade-whie-gold-wedding-band-rings (1).jpg


by Kim Drosdick