Is it time?

Now it gets exciting! If you are thinking that the time has come I am more than happy to help make that a reality for you. In my world, there are a few ways to pop the question with the ring!

When I meet someone for the first time we chat about things like ring design, materials, timeline and budget. Questions like this:

  • Is the ring a surprise?
  • Have you gotten any input on design or stone preferences?
  • Do you have any existing metal or stones to re-use in a new ring? 
  • Do you know the ring size?

Here's my disclaimer right off the bat! With a engagement ring, unless you have chosen a ring from my showcases, it is non-returnable. A scary as that sounds it is because I am creating your ring with materials specifically for your project, materials I otherwise might not appeal to another client in a timely manner. I create one ring at a time and source materials as needed.

Now, non-returnable does not mean you have no re-course if you haven't nailed the design. I simply mean I cannot refund your money because the design wasn't what they were hoping for. What I most certainly can do, for an additional cost, is re-work the design, metal and gemstones into a new ring that is 100% what they want.

If it is a surprise there are a few things you may not know like the ring size (see here for how to get it) or design preference. If you know them then that will have been the best news I would have heard all day and we design the ring together, select the best stone for the ring, I make it and voila it is ready for you to present. If you don't know, here is how I can make it easier for you.


Making it Easier

Here is what is possible:

  1. You both come together to chat about design ideas & stone preference, I make it, it is perfect, you are both happy!
  2. You know what you want but aren't sure it is what they want. We design it together and I make it in sterling silver and CZ and you present it with minimal cost. If all good then we make it for real.  A sterling silver sample ring can be made for $395 and $200 of that would be used as credit towards the real thing. It is here that we can also make changes to ensure the design is exactly what they want.
  3. You have an idea but are not sure if they will love it as you hope, you select a sample ring from my case and present it, they love it because it comes from you, but would rather have a different ring. The three of us meet and together design the ring, find the perfect stone, I give you a place holder ring until the new ring is ready, I create the new ring now they really love it.
  4. You have no idea what to do for a design. I source a stone, put it in a nice box, you present it and you both come in together to design the perfect ring. It is this case where the stone has only been presented and not been set into a ring, it remains totally exchangeable for a different stone. Once a stone has been set I am not easily able to return it to my supplier.

I was #3. My husband Paul, proposed on the beach in Florida where I grew up. After wracking his brains to figure out what I would want as a ring design he gave up trying to figure it out. With the guidance of my best friend and business partner Suzanne, he decided on an loose Oval Diamond of 0.68cts and left the rest up to me, I LOVED the stone and the fact he knew enough to let me do it myself. So off I went and made my own engagement and wedding rings and I literally, wouldn't have it any other way.


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