Custom designing an engagement ring can be a daunting task. I know because I made my own engagement ring. My husband, Paul proposed to me with a beautiful oval cut diamond and left me to run amok with the design. I had this ring design in my repertoire that I knew I loved but was it totally right for me? When the time came to make the investment in the metal, time and energy I wasn't absolutely sure so I created my ring in sterling silver using a CZ in place of the diamond. I wore the hell out of it for 3 months and finally came to realization that it was 'the one' and then made it for real in 14k Palladium White Gold and my oval diamond. And let me just say that sterling silver and CZ do not hold up well for an every day ring for very long.



Now, before we get started, one of my greatest strengths as a jewellery designer and maker is my ability to make the custom design process super easy and anxiety free (so say the amazing people I have had the pleasure of working with). Custom work is non-refundable due to the piece specifically being created for you so if the piece doesn't resonate with them as much as it did with you, don't worry! I can re-make the materials into something new for an additional cost. So, if you are really not up for the task of creating a custom engagement ring with no idea where to start then I am happy to say I have a solution for you, it's pretty much a no-brainer.


Borrow An Engagement Ring 

Here are the ways that I can help:

  • I am able to create a ring with the design you are hoping for in sterling silver, using alternative stones to real ones for you to propose with. The idea is that you now both become involved in the design process where before the real thing is made changes to ring size, design and metal can happen. The cost of the sterling silver mock-up depends on the design we create. The less intense the design the less it will cost. It can vary between $295 - $595 to create the sterling silver version and when it comes time to make the real thing, 50% of that cost will be used as credit towards making the new ring. The sterling silver loaner ring can be worn until the new ring is ready. And if you don't want to hand the sample ring back then keep it and no credit is applied.


  • Choose a ring from my collection of ready made rings in sterling silver and CZ or my collection of precious metal and gemstone rings to propose with. If it was lucky enough to wow and all we have to do is re-make it with precious materials and the cost (-$50 for re-finishing) of the sample ring is used as credit towards the new ring. My sterling silver sample rings as well as my precious rings range in price from $295 - $3500. It is here also that we have the chance to make changes to size, design and materials before any work is done on the real thing.         


Want to create a ring this way?