Custom Jewellery Design


Get exactly what you want

There is an art to collaborating with someone, developing new and exciting ideas and transforming them into reality. I make jewellery because I love working the materials with my hands, but I do custom work for the love of the journey. The added bonuses are the working relationships that develop in the process.  

What I'm asked to create most are custom engagement and wedding rings, jewellery to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and babies as well as bride and groom gifts and gifts for their bridal parties. Another popular request is re-using an old piece of jewellery to make it wearable again, I call it Re-Jewel™. You can read more about that here


Communication is the key

Whatever the occasion, being able to get your idea across clearly is really important since it is those ideas that shape the piece being commissioned. Not to worry if you aren’t even totally sure how you want it to look, I can help get us there!! If you are just starting your search to find the right design then try to be open and aware of what it is that inspires you. What are you drawn to? Make a few notes about metal colour, type of stone, if any, and a possible budget. If you are inclined, draw some rough sketches or collect some images to help get your ideas across.



Eco-friendly sentimentality  

When it comes to my materials, I feel the strongest about being able to re-use what already exists. Many clients that get in touch with me have old jewellery pieces that have been passed down to them or have pieces of jewellery that are not wearable or fashionable in their current state. Re-using your old metal and gemstones where possible is what I strive for but if you don’t have anything then I make sure I use re-cycled or partially-recycled metals and non-conflict gemstones and diamonds.

The custom process is am amazing experience and it can involve a lot of moving parts. Let me help make it easier for you! Read the kind words I have received from my clients for helping them navigate the custom process.  



Custom Jewellery Portfolio


First, thank you for making my engagement ring buying experience so amazing, you made the whole process so easy for me! And second, the ring you created is absolutely beautiful and even better than I imagined it would be. She absolutely loved it!
— Brandon H - Toronto