The Love Necklace - Multicolour

The Love Necklace - Multicolour


The 'Love Necklace' is a pretty little cluster of powerful healing stones paired with a sweet little leaf that can be a meaningful gift for your bridesmaids, customized to represent your birthstone or those of your family. This is the Multicolour and features Smoky Quartz, Green Tourmaline and Lemon Quartz.

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Gold Filled -  Love Necklace - Multicolour

If you love the idea of having a beautiful way to wear your healing stones keeping them close to your heart, this if your pendant! 

Love your girls, love your family and love YOU! All you need is love!

  • Green Tourmaline ~ Balancing
  • Smoky Quartz ~ Grounding
  • Lemon Quartz ~ Calming  
  • Gold Filled leaf, wire, chain
  • Measures 20 inches long
  • Customize using different stones & metals 

Handmade by me with love in Toronto! 

Have an idea? Want to customize this necklace? Get in touch!



by Kim Drosdick