Hill & Valley Wedding Band - 4mm Wide

Hill & Valley Wedding Band - 4mm Wide

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These rings just flow. I love design elements that create movement. Organic feeling, these rings feel like the metal is flowing, moving, twisting around the finger. What is so cool about this design is that no two pairs are the same! I am inspired by the last set I have done but can never reproduce the exact same pattern of hills and valleys nor would I want to!

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14k Nickel White Gold - Hill & Valley Wedding Band

The narrower version shown on the left measures about 4mm wide and 1.75mm thick and the wider version 6mm x 1.75mm.

The additional pics show a few custom versions of this ring style.  

  • 14k Nickel White Gold (pictured)
  • Customize using different metals and gemstones.

Handmade by me with love in Toronto! Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Have an idea? Want to customize this ring? Get in touch!

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by Kim Drosdick