Calgary Sun 2010
Featured: You & Me Necklace

Fashion Magazine Blog 2010
Featured: Aquamarine Cube Necklace

Toronto Star 2009
Mentioned by name.

Toronto Life Shopping Guide (2010, 2009, 2008)
Featured: flux + form

InBloom Event Design blog 2009
Featured: Engagement Rings

Glow Magazine 2008
Featured: Long Ring Earrings

Wish Magazine 2008
Featured: Coral Ring & Wood Pendant

Sweetspot 2007
Featured: Wood Necklace

M+M Ultimate Nominee Gift Bag 2006
Featured: Skin Cuff Links, Thin Cuff, Wrap Nugget Bracelet

The Perfect Man (Film, 2006)
Reproduced set pieces for film

Against The Ropes (Film, 2004)
Featured: Wrapped Ring, Split Ring